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Emergeny Move to Dakar

Hi All,
My family and I, currently living in the US are relocating to Dakar as soon as possible and I would very much appreciate some help with everything. Since it’s an emergency move, I haven’t planned anything and I am losing my mind trying to work out all of it. I am currently looking for a school for my daughter who is in Junior High. I would like to find a dual school for her. I know it’s almost impossible since the school year has already started. I am also looking for housing in a safe, quiet area if possible. We also have a dog and I would appreciate any guidance on how to transport animals to Dakar. Then, there is work! I have a BA in Business Administration and I minored in Accounting. I have over a decade experience in Real Estate/Construction Accounting, Retail and Restaurant Management. I am also fluent in French. Finally, I need to buy a car and was wondering if it’s easier to do so here or to wait until I get there. As you can see, I need a miracle but until then I wouldn’t mind ideas, advice and help.
Thank you in advance for taking the time to read this!

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