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Household Items for sale CHEAP! (Dakar)

I posted previously for 'stuff' for my new hostel - now I've got too much! lol!

Brand New & Used Twin Beds - from 40,000cfa to 60,000cfa

2 Computer Monitors - 5,000cfa each. I have no idea if they work

Microwave 110v Protected content it's an older model, very big and works but you need a converter.

Odd & Ends - make me an offer

A BAZILLION VCR Tapes & VCDs! - this is good for people with schools or English programs. FREE and please donate to others if you aren't going to use them.

Clothing & Shoes - Men's and Women's in very good condition. Western and African style from 1,000cfa to 5,000cfa. 10,000cfa basketball jerseys (2), men's tennis shoes 3,000cfa to 5,000cfa

Ouest Foire, City Air Afrique (behind the Senegalese Football Federation)

Call or sms Protected content directions to be sms'd to your phone in French!

DIRECTIONS: From Senegalese Football Federation, go to Tostan, turn left and continue straight PAST SOCCER FIELD (TERRAIN FOOTBALL) until the road ends in front of pink apartment with black balconies. It’s the large house ON RIGHT SIDE across the street in front of apartments.

Call or message us & we’ll sms it to your phone in FRENCH!

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