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Office chair and desk for sale! (Dakar)


My Senegalese journey is coming to an end, and i have to let go of two items I've spent a lot of my time at/on in the last year: my desk and chair.

Both bought a year ago at Discover for Protected content , but for Protected content , THEY COULD BE YOURS! Countless hours have been spent sitting on/at it, trying to write what should eventually-probably-maybe become a PhD thesis, and at least as much time watching TV series. They also served as a dining set, so they are both suitable for work, leisure and entertainment: they are multifunctional! What a bargain!

The DESK is Protected content long x 60 cm wide, 75 high. It has 2 drawers, perfect to hide all the random stuff you know you'll never reuse again but can't throw away, just in case... It also comes with a shelf for a computer keyboard. It is not installed (and therefore can't be seen on the pictures) because I really enjoy sitting cross-legged on my black, comfy and large OFFICE CHAIR: it gives me space to think and work, and let's be honest, getting good ideas or watching Game of Thrones is much more enjoyable when you're comfortable. And the chair has casters, so you don't even need to get up to get that book or that glass of water, you can simply roll away!!

Chair and Desk have been together for a little while, and it would be a shame to separate them, so they can't be bought individually.

Please send me a private message if you're interested! You can see pictures on my Dakar Craiglist ad on Facebook.

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