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Rent range for house/place to leave (Dakar)

Dear all, i will move to Dakar sometimes over the summer and have started looking housing option. I discovered that Dakar was quite expensive (at least when looking online offer).
I am currently in nairobi Kenya and here it is known that one can negotiate 20 to 30% down the price of a rent. is it the case Dakar?

The second par to of my question is about where to live. The only thing we know so far is one of the workplace is in Ouakam, that we would like to be close to the beach because we hope to surf before going to work, we need some garden because we have a quite big and dynamic dog, as well as two very energetic 2 and 5 years old kids. My understanding is that traffic in dakar is quite good compare to the horrible NBO traffic.

Thanks all for your help.
Nota: should i also post in French?


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