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Hello and GREETINGS from SenegalStyle!

If you are looking for a regular apartment at regular rent in a regular neighborhood (but calm, peaceful and safe), my neighbor is moving across the street... I meant to post this before but the painters are here and that reminded me.

Anyway, the rent probably won't be more that 225,000cfa a month, unfurnished, 3 bedrooms, 2 baths but the BEST PART is the INDOOR COURTYARD! I love mine and made it into a garden. It's the coolest part of the house both aesthetically and literally - the ocean breeze is to die for!

So if you are a REGULAR PERSON, that just needs a clean, comfortable place to stay, call Almadies Immoblier I don't have the number handy but if you contact me at Protected content I'll look it up for you.

It's in Ouest Foire, Cite Air Afrique, convenient to the VDN and Route du Aeroport for public transport, about 5 to 7 minutes drive out but far enough from the airport that the planes aren't a bother. SDE (water company) is 2 blocks away and the electric company is 4 blocks away. There are 2 Samsungs, about 6/7 banks with atms, 2 'American Stores' about 20 vegetables sellers, meat/chicken sellers and boutiques all within a 2 block radius! The egg guy delivers to my door and so does the shrimp guy and the sunglass guy (I lose mine all the time and buy in bulk!)

People walk up the streets in the morning selling fresh good quality fish and now, mangos. There are maybe 8/10 tailor shops and probably 5/6 beauty and barber shops.. no more than that.

Anyway, all within 2 blocks. You don't even need a car to live in Air Afrique - everything is literally within comfortable walking distance!

So if you or someone (DECENT & COOL PLEASE! I don't need problems! lol!) you know is looking for a place RIGHT NOW, drop me an email and I'll dig up a phone number for the realtor. I have the owner's number as well and he and his family are really good people! They have taken care of me and my son very well and live right next to the apartments Protected content , 8 on two sides). Anything that goes wrong they will fix in a timely fashion for the first year and after that however, you are responsible for what you break, which is only fair.

I hope this is helpful to someone!


Sineta George
SenegalStyle B&B

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