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We are leaving - Our Bonne/Help will be available! (Dakar)

Today we told our bonne - Esperance - that we would be departing August 1st. We wanted to give her time to look. She knew the time would come and took the news well as she knows we are going to help her as much as we can. Esperance is just a delightful young woman who has worked for us since November of Protected content . It's been a treat and a delight to have her help and assistance with cooking, cleaning, shopping and laundry. When she is in the apartment (which is EXTREMELY small) we've noticed she's quite discreet about how she maneuvers around the place to do her job with out intruding. We enjoy conversations with her in French and she is always patient with our efforts. We have also enjoyed teaching her new 'American' recipes that she catches on to quite well. She once commented to my husband it was like going to cooking school for free ;+}. Honestly we've groomed her a bit and it's been our pleasure to do that. If you know someone who is looking for full our part-time she is ready. Currently she works for us M-F Protected content we would be able to adjust that in June and July to ensure she has something lined up more permanently if that were the case. Otherwise she will be fully available August 1st. You can e-mail me at Protected content for further conversations and for me to pass along her phone number for you to call directly.

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