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Where to live- Almadies or Fenetre Mermoz? (Dakar)

Hello everyone, my family is moving to Dakar in a few months and we have to decide on where we prefer to live: it's between Almadies and Fenetre Mermoz. We have a son who will be almost 3 years old when we get there. No pets. I don't speak French (planning to learn some).
I plan on walking a lot and using taxis, probably I will not drive, well, maybe later once I get used to a new place.

We would like a safe, nice area where other families with children live, with some playground/park/pool, with lots of options to walk and grocery stores, cafes, pharmacie, catholic church close by...

Also, I heard that there are less mosquitoes in Fenetre Mermoz, is that true? On the other hand, i heard that apartments there are really old while in Almadies are new....

So, which area would you recommend for an expat family?
Is here anyone from Poland who could get in touch with me as well?

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