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I still don't give up (Dallas)

HI!, My name is María Redondo and I'm a Spanish looking for job in US. I've been trying for a long time with not so much luck obviously but I found people here that really want to help you, I guess is hard to get what I want to get.
I've been working as Telecommunication Contract Specialist during more than 5 years. After that I worked as a Project Manager .Some of my aptitudes are Customers Services, Project Management,Strategic Planning, Bilingual..etc
I also worked as Child Abuse Case Worker, conducted assessments with all family members following a reported incident of child neglect or abuse..etc.

I'm twenty eight years old and here in Spain the possibilities to have a good job and a great career is getting harder every day. I really want to have a chance to have a career in US. I think the possibilities there are better that here.

I want to move to Dallas area but I need a job before I get there, and I need help with it. So many people told me that I need to know people to get a Job there, but all the Americans that I met are here, so they couldn't help me.

If someone can help me with it or tell me how to do it better I will be so thankful.

Thanks again.

Maria Redondo.

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