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Kiss the Boys - July 29, 2010 (Dallas)


Greetings friends,
Some of you may know that I am very fond of the performances at the Stone Cottage Theater. One of their best pieces is coming up called "Kiss the Boys".... as per the webpage on Protected content :

See the show that has become a cult favorite and the most requested for an encore by our audiences! Most murder mysteries are based on the concept of "who dunnit?" This sexy comedy is a case of "will they do it?'" A gay couple decides to hold a most unusual dinner party. They have invited the one person that hurt them the most in their life in order to murder them. The plan is simple: poisoned martinis will be served to the two guests, how complicated can it be? Chaos ensues when an uninvited guest shows up who won't drink alcohol, one has become a born a gain Christian, and is intending to redeem the Gay couple from their life of sin, and the other will only drink beer. Oh, did we mention that not everyone in this gathering of five is being truthful and they may also have ulterior motives, of which murder is also a part of it? You'll laugh as you squirm in your seat not knowing if, who, how, and when someone might get murdered!

Well, I have made my reservations for July 29, Protected content . Join me if you like and let Mark-Brian know that you want to sit next to me (or as far away as possible :-) and I think I will go back probably on Friday Aug 13, Protected content , as the shows seem to have a tendency to change and what better date than to see a murder mystery......:-). So, Mark-Brian's number is Protected content call him for your reservation... and drop me a little note or call to let me know you are coming....

I am certain it is going to be a blast....

Sapientia saepe in loco insperato est, Michael

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