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Uptown Vs Park Cities (Dallas)


We are mid- 4Oth couple with 4 children( 4y ,9y,19y and 21y ) and we'll be moving to Dallas this summer.We are originally from Paris and currently living in London.We enjoy City life and would like to get advices about Dallas neighborhood .
Main criteria is lifestyle ,luckily not budget.
Our options would be :
-A Big house in Park Cities, rooms for everyone ,garden for the young ones and probably easy school run( large choice of good schools ).My older ones will be going to Uni.
-2 Apartments Condo, uptown,easy settle in ( large choice of beautiful Condo ),City life( close to shops,restaurants .......) but no garden and long commute for schools ( good ones seems to be further North ).
We also wonder if families with kids live around ?
We haven't decided yet,and we'll be grateful to have your opinion.
As Parisians we are used to small space and busy life and our concerns is to get bored in the suburbs even in the most fab"House.
Thanks for your help.

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