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Dallas Neighborhoods

Warm weather, beautiful lakes, and a good quality of life await those thinking of moving to Dallas. If you are considering relocating to the heart of Texas, you can find advice in our Expat Guide on visas, neighborhoods, and how to get around town after your move to Dallas.
In some neighborhoods in Dallas, you can lead a luxurious life by the river.

Dallas is a vibrant, welcoming city with lots of great neighborhoods. When you arrive, it can be difficult to decide where to settle down and which areas to avoid. We have put together a list of neighborhoods that are quite popular among expats.

Downtown Dallas — The Heart of the City

If you like living right in the pounding heart of the city, Downtown Dallas is the place for you. This area is home to the Dallas Arts District, where you can find, among other things, the Dallas Museum of Art, the Meyerson Symphony Center, and the Nasher Sculpture Center. The West End Historic District is home to some of the best shops, restaurants, bars, and hotels in town. While some young urbanites have moved into renovated loft spaces in Downtown Dallas, the neighborhood is largely comprised of hotels, restaurants, and office space.

Uptown Dallas — An Upscale Neighborhood

North of Downtown lies the area around McKinney Avenue, Knox-Henderson, and Victory Park, also known as “Uptown”. It is famous for its high-class shopping and dining options and its chic, upscale condos and hotels for those who can afford it. McKinney Avenue has evolved into somewhat of a center for art galleries, and the McKinney Avenue Trolley is the free connection from Uptown to Downtown.

Oak Lawn and the Park Cities — Diverse and Wealthy

Oak Lawn is a major nightlife scene for the LGBT communities of Dallas. Among fine shopping and dining options, it is home to the Dallas Theater Center. It is the perfect home for creative expats who appreciate a vibrant, upscale neighborhood. The Park Cities are some of the wealthiest residential districts in the USA, especially Highland Park and Victoria Park. The area is located north of downtown and is often referred to as Highland Park in its entirety.

Deep Ellum — The Liveliest Entertainment District

Known as Dallas’s eclectic alternative to Austin, Deep Ellum offers live music, rows of bars and clubs, and a down-to-earth atmosphere. Blues and rock music are played most often around here, but anything in between can be found as well. Unfortunately, Deep Ellum has a bit of an ill reputation in terms of crime and violence, and even though crime has been on the decline, some people still tend to spend their time during the day elsewhere. Nonetheless, on weekends when the music clubs open their doors, people migrate to Deep Ellum and have a blast of a time.

Lower Greenville — A Place for Families

This neighborhood is located in East Dallas, not too far from White Rock Lake. It covers the area around Greenville Avenue, with Gaston Avenue to the south and East Lovers Lane to the north. Much like other neighborhoods, Lower Greenville provides plenty of entertainment with various popular bars, clubs, and restaurants. In contrast to this, Upper Greenville Avenue has a more family-friendly atmosphere, which expats bringing their family to Dallas will no doubt appreciate.

Oak Cliff — One of the Oldest

Oak Cliff used to be a separate town, until it was annexed in 1903. The southern sector of Dallas is known for its diverse population. One of the oldest neighborhoods in Dallas, its distinct charm has remained intact, from its architecture to its many green spaces. The city’s business district and Downtown Dallas are not far off, and there are plenty of shops and restaurants with locally grown products.

Irving — Away from the Hustle and Bustle

Not a part of Dallas proper, yet a significant city in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex, Irving is located close to the international airport. The town is home to a number of Fortune 500 companies, such as Exxon Mobil and Microsoft, and thus there should be decent employment opportunities there for locals and expats alike. Many people choose to settle down in Irving as it is close enough to Dallas to allow for a comfortable commute, and it is more laid back than the big city.


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