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Go Green Campaign (Dar es Salaam)

Hello everyone!

I want to start a forum, or campaign rather, about going GREEN. I've been here for 11 months and shocked at the lack of knowledge and usage of green energy, especially given the constant TANESCO outages!

Lack of sustainable electricity has so many negative impacts socially, financially and environmentally. Families cannot spend quality time together, children cannot study at night, businesses become inefficient and unproductive and global warming continues to win the battle!

I'm sure all of us are in the same boat, whether we have issues with electricity at home, at work or at our own businesses.

I want to promote knowledge and access to solar power solutions. One form of renewable energy. We have so much sun here - let's use it!

When I first came to Tanzania we had 2 productive hours a day (then my laptop battery died) so off we went home! Now, with solar power at our office, we work from 8.30am to 7pm at night!

How can solar power / sustainable power help you? How can it change your life? What impact can you make to global warming?

These are the questions I want to ask to all of you and start a movement towards going GREEN. Maybe we can all lead by example...

Thank you,

Co-founder, S-Power

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