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Help getting Tanzanian Passport (Dar es Salaam)

Hello everyone! Thank you in advance for reading my post. I'm seeking help in obtaining a passport for my boyfriend so he can visit me in America. He lives in the Ngorongoro region and is Masai. He has unreliable or no documentation regarding birth certificates, etc so this process has been challenging.

I called the TZ embassy in Washington, DC. They were helpful in giving me guidelines but I need a few more details. Any info any of you would provide is greatly appreciated!!

The process-
He has to go to a local court house or advocate with his parents to get signed affidavits about his birth.
Question: where can I find a list of courts or advocates in/around his location? He can travel to Karatu reasonably easily, but getting to Dar or Arusha can be challenging.

Then the signed affidavits are taken to Dar to complete the applications for the passports and visa. He gets assigned an interview in order to obtain the passport.
Questions: how will he be contacted about the date for the visa interview? What is the interview like and how long does it take? (I've heard it's a brutal interrogation, but there are interpreters available. He speaks good English, but I'm worried the stress of the experience will be heavy!).

Finally I send a letter of invitation and the plane ticket can be purchased. Whew!

Question: Have any of you been through or know someone who has been through this process?

Again, thanks so much!!!!

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