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Kili Nation Facebook group (Dar es Salaam)


Welcome to Kili Nation Facebook Group!

The word "Kili" in the title is an informal short for "Kilimanjaro," the highest mountain in Africa that has been a major tourist attraction for more than a century, and "Nation" is the land of Tanzania that boasts of hosting this marvel. The Group, in general, therefore signifies an online integration of people living in the Land of Kilimanjaro.

The Group's purpose is to provide an engaging forum for Tanzanians and expatriates (living in or intending to travel to Tanzania) to share common interests, discuss events that are mutually beneficial to the Tanzanian and expat community, solicit legal trade/business/sales deals relevant to the communities in Tanzania (with some limitation-see Rules and Restrictions on Submissions), and provide any other info/news/alerts/tips useful for and relevant to those living in Tanzania (e.g. verified weather alerts, upcoming events like marathons, blood donation camps etc.).

Facebook users are urged to read The Group's policy and adhere to it.

Please click the link below to request joining the group:

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