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Leaving Cologne - moving to Dar (Dar es Salaam)

Hello community,
now that the ink under my new contract is just drying I`m looking forward to moving to Dar this autumn....
Leaving everything behind in Cologne I will join your community for the next 4 years min. working as a consultant in Dar.

Setting up a "new" life a lot of things have to be prepared and it would be great if you would share your experience and could give me some advice (e.g. on housing, buying a 4WD, logistic provider etc.). I`m sure you are remembering your "dos and donts"....
For a first impression of Dar I`m planning to come down end of July and it would be great to meet some of you making the first step into the Dar community...

Hope to see you in a few weeks time - or to get some information in advance!

Kind regards,

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