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Living in Moshi (Dar es Salaam)

Hi all

I'm in the application process for a job in Moshi, but I'm finding it hard to find much information about living there. I'm going to be coming from Finland, and I totally get that it's completely different!

I was wondering about things like:

- Living expenses (accommodation is provided, bills are not), salary around $50,000 before tax (30%, same as Finland).
- Bringing pets (I have 4 cats, who will be moving with me), are there reputable vets? Is it easy to get pet food?
- Is there a strong expat community in Moshi?
- It's been recommended that I buy a car (tax free loan from my workplace can be taken up), how easy is this to do? I've read driving is...interesting.
- Is it easy to travel to neighbouring countries?

Thank you very much in advance for any help!

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