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Masaki / Oysterbay - Dar es Salaam - Bag snatching

Hi All,

In the resent weeks there has been a new wave of crime mainly with in the above mentioned areas.

There have been numerous bag, handbag, and purse snatchings. The offenders are using different modes of transport and driving up to people then snatching the bag, handbag, purse then driving off. I am writing this just to ask you all be extra vigilant and to carry your bags on the on the side which is away from the road; thus if walking on the left hand side of a road carry your bag on the left shoulder and vice versa.

The police are aware of the incidents and are investigating but i believe that prevention is better than the cure.

Such crimes are not common in Dar especially in the above mentioned areas but it would seem some people are willing to take a chance.

Enjoy your time in Dar and don't let this put you off your daily activities.

Wishing you all a great week!

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