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Moving from Uk to Dar (Dar es Salaam)

Hi, we have to opportunity to move with our child from the UK to Dar. Area suggested - Masaki.

I have hundreds of questions and worries but I will try to start with a few only.

Malaria - what do you do about anti malaria tablets? Are they available there easily? Are they expensive? Are they safe for long term use is adults and children?

Doctors - how does it work, do we register like in the uk and call for an appointment on the day of illness or is the system different?

Schools - can you give me an example of good schools and fees please? It will be for a child going into year 3 uk ( age 8). Is it practical to home school? Are schools safe? How do you travel to school, is it ok to walk there?

Driving - I’ve read some horror stories. Is it safe to drive really? Anything in particular we should know?

Children’s activities - are there play centres and parks for children? Could we just walk to one and are there precautions we need to take. The same with beaches etc.

Accommodation - it has been suggested that our best option would be a serviced apartment with pool due to back up generators and security etc. Are there rules about renting accommodation? Can anyone recommend a nice complex and what are the fees.

I’ve read that venturing out in the evening is not advised... is this how it truly is?
Sorry for my lack of knowledge, I try to read as much as I can but there is so much conflicting advice and information.

Thank you so much!

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