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Moving to Tanzania (Dar es Salaam)


I'm a Singapore citizen and am currently in Singapore working as an editor in editorial publishing, and I plan to move to Tanzania, possibly in Dar es Salaam or Zanzibar or Moshi or Arusha. I would appreciate any tips or advice or suggestions on how to.go about moving and settling in Tanzania.

Regarding housing, how and where do I go about purchasing house in Tanzania?

Regarding jobs, I'm looking at doing Chinese tea business with my partner, and photography, though I'm also open to editorial or related jobs for a start in Tanzania. Whàt are the chances of finding such jobs in Tanzania?

Is there anyone in Dar de Salaam or any of the above mentioned towns I can contact for help and guidance? I'm planning to visit Tanzania soon for about a couple of weeks first to experience for myself what it is like as I have read good things about the country such as the friendly people and beautiful nature places.


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