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SOURSOP JUICE & TEA leaves, natural cancer killers (Dar es Salaam)

Hey guys, if you've ever lost someone to cancer or have a loved one battling with it, you understand how trying that period can be emotionally + financially(chemo)and then by the end of the day, the ones we love may still loose battle to cancer. According to recent WHO studies, Prostate, breast & throat cancer are the most leading cancer spreads in Tanzania. Worst thing about cancer is that it hardly shows symptoms, you only findout when it has already spread to a certain extent. However, we don't have to wait to fall ill to begin the fight. The fight should begin when we're still healthy because prevention is always better than cure.

Well, have you ever heard of the fruit SOURSOP? Those of you who have know that this is a superfruit because it's one of the biggest natural cancer cells killer and preventative been used for years in the Amazon forests and countries like Trinidad & Tobago, Brazil, still use its juice for medicinal purposes. SOURSOP juice is a natural preventative to 12types of cancer including Prostate, colon, pancreatic, breast, throat, lung, brain, tumors and many more

#Also helps manage Diabetes for those who are diabetic.
#Good for eyes
#Manages gastrointestinal health and numerous more benefits.
It's the most powerful juice you can have rightnow. Just as salt is an important tool in your kitchen, so is SOURSOP juice to your body.

A must have drink in your home because it's good to take it on a daily basis. Moms, protect your families from the most killing disease and almost incurable. Give everyone a glass of SOURSOP juice couple times a week, spread the love😊😊...remember prevention is better than cure.

Tonight i'd like to introduce all of you to NUTRIDOT, we are the first and only specialized SOURSOP juice & tea leaves maker. Our juice is made by a team of well informed health specialists trained to serve you a product thats 100% fresh & natural with all its nutritional benefits preserved for medicinal purposes. This juice is not only a delicious refreshment but also a natural medicine, killing & preventing the growth of cancer cells. Join us on this fight, cancer must fall! Let our kids live a cancer free generation!

Our juice is available for order as it's freshly made(we also do daily home deliveries for returning customers). New stock of SOURSOP tea leaves will be available on Thursday....
Prices we have:
100% SOURSOP juice in 1litre @ only 15,000tshs...
Protected content Protected content 5litres family fill available for order
100% SOURSOP tea(a pack of 40sachets) made from SOURSOP leaves @ only 35,000tsh

Dm for orders, delivery available... You pay for delivery Protected content around city centre, kariakoo, masaki, mikocheni and the surrounding areas Protected content you are far. Thanks.😊

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