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Is Detroit really everything they say?

Hello everyone, im quite new to the forum. Also i am not a resident in Detroit city.

I was invited to work in Detroit and i am looking for some enlightment regarding the rumors and expectations that surround Detroit's recent events.

We all know, it is a high crime city and last year's they had claimed to be bankrupt. The news bombs everyone else that it might be a bad decidion to live in a city like that.

I am from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Currently living in São Paulo. These two major cities in Brazil have its own problems with crime and violence, but what i know is that the information that people from Sao Paulo get from the city of Rio is that they are at a war in the streets and everyone gets afrait to visit it. The same with residents of Rio talking about Sao Paulo. News tend to report only the bad stuff.

Because of that, i only take by fact, the information i receive from the people who actually lives in determined place.

Please, if possible, could any of you describe to me what its like to live in Detroit, to which city can i compare to, what are the citizens main concerns and problems, night life and cultural behaviour that i might be interested in know about? Day by day stuff. And of course, if i should be prepared to get some prejudice from locals as a foreigner?

Sorry to write down so much stuff. Thanks in advance!

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