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Advice for moving to Dhaka

Hello :)

I spent 6 months in Bangladesh and I truly loved it (Well, most of it) I really miss the country and I would really like to return. But, I'm finding it quite difficult to find a job in Dhaka/Bangladesh from over here in the UK.

I look most days on, but the jobs that I find are for local nationals and the other jobs that I've considered applying for (mainly IT related) state only men can apply.

I was wondering if someone could give me some advice about sourcing a job, is it better to come back over to Bangladesh and look for a job while i'm there? I am planning to return in the next few months, so any advice on this before I arrive would be great.

I'm a newly qualified TEFL teacher and I have an Honours degree in IT. So any jobs relating to these two areas would be ideal. I've also looked at NGO's but it seems I don't have the experience for NGO jobs that are aimed at people outside of Bangladesh.

Hope someone can offer some advice :)

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