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How to move in Dhaka???

Hello, I arrived in Dhaka just two days ago, and I am really astonished by the terrible traffic and the awful buses... I am staying here for at least one, so I'm just wondering how I could reach places that are not within a walking distance (I'm going to rent a flat in Mahakhali, close to mosquee road). I think that buses are quite dangerous (they are in a very bad state due to previous car crashes!) and also the typical taxis (I mean, those sort of small green vans) have crazy drivers and are not comfortable at all. Until now I have still not seen a real taxi in the city (I mean a taxi-car in a good state, possibly with air conditioning, and above all with a prudent taxi driver!). Can somebody give me the name and telephone nr of a reliable taxi company? Or, alternatively, is there any company who can provide me with a rental car including a good driver? I can not drive here, because I am not used to drive on the right seat, and I would also be quite scared to drive here. So I don't want to rent my own car on a monthly base, but I just would need occasionally a car and a driver, for example to go out in my spare time at weekends. Can somebody give me any suggestions? Thank you in advance, regards.

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