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Integrity management in Bangladesh (Dhaka)

Ranking on corruption in Bangladesh by Transparency International is pretty low. I guess, the root cause of misery in Bangladesh should be debuted to the prevalent systemic corruption. The party politics is riddled with nepotism and business interests. The voters are ignorant of the political systems. They vote based on personal relationship with the political candidates or the campaigners.

You and i can help bringabout changes, but how?

Few things that crossed my mind:
1. Donor harmonization: a uniform policy on zero tolorance to corruption
2. Increased development cooperation on good governance and especially integrity management of the country
3. Promote institutions like TI Bangladesh and Anti-corruption Commission
4. Promote whatchdogs, whistleblowers etc.
5. GoB insists political parties to transparent, audit their accounts and form integrity management committees that publishes its progress
6. Invest in the education good governance and democracy

Any or all of the above can be discussed in sub-threads.

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