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Restaurants In Dhaka

Dhaka, does not boast of many events and night life ,unlike many metropolis.

But among things ,to do going to restaurants a thing to do.
But which restaurant to visit.

Here some I visited:

Turkish Bazaar
Food: Kababs,sharma
Location :Banani

note:closest thing in Bangladesh to Turkey/Arab food.
has Turkish Chef!

North End Coffee Roasters
Rating :4.9
Cost :$3-$5
Note:Star Bucks in Bangladesh
Location :Near US Embassy

George 's Cafe
Food :Hot Dogs,..

Rating :4.8/5
Location :Uttara.

Spit Fire
Cu sine :Steak/Grill
Rating :4.6/5
Food To try:Steak,Buffet
Location :Gulshan -2
Cost :$4-$70

Fish & Co
Food: Fish
Rating:4.5 /5
Cost:US$9- $30
Location :Gulshan

Food: Fish
Rating:4.7 /5
Location :Gulshan

Moven Pick
Food: Ice Cream
Rating:4.8 /5
Location :Gulshan,Dhanmondi

Bamboo Shoot
Food: Chinese
Rating:4.7 /5
Cost:Not Known but:US$3-$50 approx.
Location :Bet ween Gulshan-1 to 2(after Navana Tower)
Remark:Very good Taste,but need booking first before servings.

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