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Seeking for helpful advice (Dhaka)

Hi! I'm a Malaysian & came here since last year June. I'm attaching to the 1st Laptop Manufacturing plant in BD as a Technical adviser. This is a state owned company.

1.) Well, until today I still couldn't get a working permit & the company just keep extending my visa & changing the visa category, from B to E, then B & recently I got a 1 year multiple entry visa but it's A3 visa. Any idea what is it?

2.) Another bigger problem that I got is, the company will pay me in cash (TK) every month, but my contract stated in USD, which some portion here & Msia. They will say no way to do it. I used to change my Malaysian currency here & carry with me all the way back during my home trip & some time I've to force myself to involve someone to transfer the money through an illegal way. The recent transfer just got my money stuck for more than 20 days & I've requested to return back my money in cash & I still have to wait for it.

3.) The company deducted 25% income tax from my salary every month but without giving any tax submission document & not even a TIN number, which really irritates me all this while. As I believe I should not pay the tax since I don't even have a working permit. Any advice on how to proceed with it?

All these issues were bugging me since day 1 & I feel helpless. I'm the only Expat in the company & they are not fulfilling some of the clauses in my contract too. I've tried to reach my Embassy here & they seems not to involve into this matter.

Hope I could get some helpful advice through this forum. Thanks in advance!

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