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To Claudia (Dhaka)

Claudia- I live in Sylhet -- with my Family -- Sylhet is a City with High number of British - Dual Nationality people -- Most of the residence of Sylhet city and village area lives in United Kingdom - London. Some are USA- EU- and Middle East-There are many residence who lives in Sylhet comes from London to meet their family and friends. They are many who willingly lives in various terms- for good, some of them also have admitted their children's to teach Bangla- Language- Culture customs-tradition- .

Do InterNation have any kind of Facility -- Branch for this Highly migrated residence of Sylhet City-?- if not then is it possible to do something for those British / Dual Nationals who lives in Sylhet-?

Please kindly Advise Further.

Thank You

Reza Choudhury-Badrul

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