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What would u think if someone sent a message like (Dhaka)

The story is like may be Protected content ago i got a request from a local. Usually i never ever accept any request from a local i mean my own nationality until i know him/her personally in my fb, MySpace, internations, expatblog. Coz from my previous experience i have seen they act very smart always which i may not like m sorry if i hurt anyone. When i receive his accepting message i deleted him from my profile. I have started my career Protected content pan pacific sonargaon and last 7 years am engaged in an export company beside this I m handling my own export business in Malaysia and Philippines so do u guys think i did a mistake by deleting him from my network. Here is the message that he sent me after accepting his request in internations.

Welcome for accept my request.

BTW, I have got an idea that when I was begginier in internations you were kidding me, ha…
Now I am ALBATROSS MEMBER so, you accept my request. You just think, he is better than me so I can accept his request. I remind you again, you refuse my request before.

Now I understand well, why foreign people underestimate us. Because of that kind bullshit non sense.
Let's forget bad idea, we will be good friends & make a strong Bangladeshi Community with native colleague

Hope you replay me & don't forget you are able to send only 5 msg. If you can't replay you are welcome to my skype or Facebook.

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