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Wife is looking for a job in Dhaka


Hi all,

So my wife moved to dhaka 2 months ago from Toronto and as you all know, life here is very different from what we're used to elsewhere.

Anyway, so my wife is looking for work here and well it's been a bit difficult because
a) I don't want her to take any job she gets
b) I would prefer her to work in MNCs or any office with expats or foreign nationals to make her transition into the workplace here easier.

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.

Outside of work I would like her to meet other expats from the Internations community. We're attending the official event at Nordic Club on 30th March so if anyone is attending that I would love to introduce her to the others.

Oh and I am newbie in internations too lol. So I seem a bit clueless then it's probably because I am hehe.

I'll try to get her to use interntions more so that the others can speak to her directly instead of me posting on her behalf :)



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