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6 month old puppy needs new home soon! (Doha)


I'm going to try and post this just one more time in case anyone new looks at it, because Scottie needs to go immediately.

I have a 6 month old blonde and white Suluki mix named Scottie that really needs a new home. He was an impulse rescue from Souq Waqif in early January, and although I love him dearly and he is a lovely dog, he is now full grown and has a lot of energy, and with my new work load, it is very difficult to give him the time and attention that he needs. Yet the more pressing issue is that he is very much annoying my prized bengal cat, Zuri. She is my pride and joy, and she can't walk from the kitchen to her litterbox without being tackled by the dog. He isn't aggressive with her and has never hurt her, but he just plays rather rough, and I'm terrified something will happen one day by accident. I couldn't live with myself if anything were to happen to Zuri.

Scottie is fully vaccinated, neutered, potty and crate trained, and knows basic commands like sit, down, no, and out. He is very sweet and loving, and extremely playful. He would be great for a stay at home mom, or a family with either older children or rather small children (he has issues with children between ages 4 and 9 or so because my neighbors kids are really mean to him but has no issue with my other neighbors 1.5 year old). He really needs a new home soon so if anyone is interested at all, please message me on here and I'd love to send you a pic of him and/or have you schedule a time to meet him. Thanks so much!

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