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Attesting Australian documents (Doha)

Hi everyone,

I'm new to the forum and am looking for advice from any other Australians who have made the move to Qatar...

I am still in Australia and have been arranging for my documents to be certified but the HR people I am dealing with seem quite confused about what they require of Australians!

I have had the documents certified by the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and then (since the newly opened Qatar Embassy in Australia does not have a consular section and cannot certify documents) have had them certified by the UAE Embassy, who told me they can act on Qatar's behalf in this matter.

I was then told by the HR people that I need to send the documents to the Qatar Embassy in Abu Dhabi for certification. I called the Embassy who told me they don't do it, but I should try the Qatari consulate in Dubai. The consulate told me they can't do it until I first send the docs for certification to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Qatar or the UAE.

It doesn't seem to make sense to me. Can anyone who came recently from Australia advise what they did to certify their documents?

Much appreciate your advice :)

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