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CCQ PLEASE READ if you're considering working here (Doha)

A couple weeks ago, I posted asking for info about CCQ. I did get some information -straight from the source and wanted to share. After weeks of questions that were unanswered (AFTER I received an email with a contract, stating that it was a job offer, a deadline to respond to, and a starting date by which we needed our paperwork finished) I was told by the director of HR that a contract w/ job offer was really only an "advertisement" it didn't mean they had any real job offer for you, they just wanted to see who was interested! Furthermore, I was told that three emails to them over the course of two weeks was unacceptable and rude. However, instead of telling me any of these things they let me turn down other offers and decided they just wouldn't email me anymore (I kid you not, this is directly from the HR manager). we have heard one terrible thing after another from friends in Huston who have been working with this university and they seem to be true. Please be careful if you're seriously thinking about accepting a job here.

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