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Coming to Doha to search for opportunities?

Hi everyone,

I could really use some advice. I am a Canadian looking to move to Doha. I am currently working in Ghana and have been applying for positions via Bayt and other online recruitment agencies with little success.

Although I have experience working in North America, Europe and Africa, I have been told that since I have never worked in the gulf, it will be difficult to find employment unless I am in country. I did some online research and some people believe coming to Qatar to search for opportunities is a good idea and others think that arriving with an expat package is the best option. Obviously, I would love an expat package however at this point I would be thrilled to just be considered for an interview!

For those that are interested in my background, I have a Master's in International Studies with a focus on operational development and business. I am interested in learning and development training and other HR or CSR positions.

If anyone could give me some advice I would greatly appreciate it. If you would like to respond to my message privately, please feel free to contact me at Protected content

Thank you so much for your time.

Kind regards,

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