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Doha - a non-single-friendly town

Just a random thought here!

If you're a single man living in Doha, and you happen to DETEST the typical extra-smokey, extra-loud environment of a typical night spot, what are your chances to have any fun, AT ALL, in this town?

This is a rhetorical question so I'm not really looking for answers. I know all the text-book answers, and they all don't work! I used to live in Manama (within crawling distance from here) and Dubai (within hopping distance) but it was never like this! This city is ENGINEERED to repel and/or torture single men. Examples are limitless! If you're married, you can have a nice walk in the aspire park. If you're single, a nice Indian gentleman will stop you and politely ask you to go back home!

Historically famous for being an icon of singlehood awesomeness, I'm now considering the notion of getting married (for the first time in 38 years!) thanks to this wonderful town!

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