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Doha in July. Questions? Do you have input?

I will be moving to Doha in late July, coming from Southeast Asia after 4 years. Anyone care to comment on the following?

MOBILE / CELL PHONE: It appears the main provider of mobile phone service is Ooredoo. Can anyone provide details on the quality and pricing of their services? Are there other providers available, recommendations, etc?

DRINKING WATER: Is the tap water drinkable? Is it recommended to use bottled water service? Any recommendations on providers and price for bottled water service?

VETERINARY SERVICES: Does anyone have recommendations for a veterinarian in Doha? We need to import our dog into Doha. Does anyone have experience importing their pet and the procedures Qatar requires?

PURCHASING A VEHICLE: Can you share experience on buying a car, the process / paperwork, etc., new versus used, etc. Any and all details would be appreciated. Referrals on reputable dealers, service shops, how to get licensed and registered.

INTERNET: How is the reliability of the residential internet providers? Comments on providers, quality, pricing, etc. would be appreciated.

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