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Driving to Al Zubarah (Fort and World Heritage ) (Doha)


Hi all,
Just thought I would share some info. We took a drive to Al Zubarah Fort yesterday which is located in the North West of the country, as some of you probably already know.

The fort is open, not much to see unfortunately, as they are still doing the restoration work and the visitor areas, however there is a detailed info board outside.

The reason for the post is to let you know that you cannot actually access Al Zubarah town at the moment. We were not allowed any further and told to come back in January as they are doing the renovations / restoration. Just to save anyone the 2hr drive if you are expecting more than a 10 min walk around the fort.

The road was majority highway and 10% minor road, so nothing the average car couldn't handle. Make sure you fill the tank before leaving the city as not a drop to be had on the way!

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