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Help needed to Get Home!!! (Doha)

DESPERATE PLEA FOR FLIGHT BUDDIES: This is one of the most ridiculous and desperate situations I have come across in Doha:

These 3 cats plus 1 dog, all Doha rescues, have been at Second Chance since November last year. Their family had to return unexpectedly to the US ( that's another story ) so they were all left at Second Chance while they get ready to travel, and for the family to raise enough money to pay for their fares.

Since January this year, they have raised the funds, they have bought the travel crates, but still they are waiting and waiting and waiting in their crates, getting more and more depressed as the days go by. Why???? They need flight buddies. Their family cried out for help ( because the furries can't ) but it seems they didn't cry loud enough. No one took any notice.

If you are reading this, and can help them fly to their homes in San Diego or LA, please don't hold back!!!! All you need to do is to allow them to be booked to travel with you. They will meet you at the airport and their family will be waiting for you at the other end.

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