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How to deal with aggressive/dangerous driving (Doha)


Dear members,

Many times I have been driving and been intimidated by people driving in the big SUVs (I drive a normal saloon car) in the left lane. This has most likely happened to all of you.

In most instances I just move to the right or center lane but recently I had a more scary incident. I was taking a U-turn and the driver behind me honked that I go faster, I went slightly fast but then had to brake as I had to take an exit out of the road and there were many cars on the right exit lane. I feel that this was seen as an aggression to the guy behind me and not only he took the exit with me, he went ahead of me and switched in front of me then braked. I had braked in time but I was mad as it was a close call to hitting him. He drove away after. Of course he was in a white SUV.

Not only was this scary, it was a dangerous and a hostile act. How to deal with this sort of ''braking/stopping'' aggression or aggression in general? Is it better to pull over in the future?

Your suggestions are appreciated.


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