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Information for Arabic learning (Doha)

Dear all,

Karen had provided me with the information below and I thought some of you may benefit from it, thanks Karen

Hi Mark

Fanar offer levels one, two and three in arabic at the mosque learning centre. The classes are segregated, and the course runs for two or three months (depending on the level) for three two-hour sessions a week. So the commitment is quite high. The courses are offered in the mornings or two choices of evening times.

The course material is available free on line.

The course is intense, the teachers are very good and very supportive – there is homework set and exams at the end of a set of units – all for 300QAR – its a bargin!

There is a lot of literature about, you may be invited to attend meetings supporting conversion, but no pressure and no pressure to learn about the religion or culture, but the opportunity is there for anyone who wants to take it.

I hope this helps, all the contact information and course books are available on their webpage.

If you’d like to find out anything else, just say and I can ask while I am up there.


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