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insider tips from people who moved from UK (Doha)

Hi everyone,

I will be joining you all very soon (October/November) and am in that frantic stage of making sure I haven't forgotten anything and knowing what I'm getting into.
So I thought I would reach out to you all for some insider info/tips.

In particular I would like to know if any UK ex-pats have shipped belonging to Qatar and which companies they used. Also what was their experience, what to ship or not to ship.
I'm also planning to import my cats and would appreciate any advice.

And then just in general, how was your experience when you just arrived in Doha? It all still feels a bit daunting to me as I'm not sure what to expect. The only thing I know now is that there's a lot of paperwork to arrange to start with.
It might also be useful to mention that I will be moving on my own and hope that my husband will be able to join me soon after.

I had a read through the Forum and it seems that you are all a bunch of really nice people and I hope to be able to meet up with some of you when I arrive.

Please, any advice/stories/tips are welcome.

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