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Is it time for community work? (Doha)


Dear Internations members,

I have been pondering over an idea for a while and I wanted to share it with you. Internations Doha had been going strong for a few years now, we have a great platform for social networking, fun, socializing, group activities, parties etc. but is that what we are all about? is that all we can offer? and what about this country we live and work in? can we play a social role in it? pay something back to it? show out appreciation for its hospitality?

How about we all get together and clean the beaches on a Friday? one day where all of us get together, mobilize, and clean the beaches that we all use as a gesture of appreciation to this country and until we think of the next thing to do?

Who would join me if I organize it as an event on a Friday morning? I will need a committee to work with me and we would need hundreds if not thousands of people, if you are in say it an mean it.


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