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Job offer from Qatar - Questions (Doha)


I have a job offer from Qatar, I am flying over next week for two days to have a look at my prospective workplace and to meet everyone.

The position offered to be is only 25h a week, 5 hours on five days. My employer will provide accommodation and pay for all bills (water, electricity, internet and so on) and I will get a salary of around Protected content . My employer will pay for private health insurance and I will have some meals provided while I am at work. I will also have one return flight home. The salary is the starting salary, I know from other employees placed through the agency that employees will get bonuses and salary increases after a while.

Is that enough for life in Doha? I am a single woman in my early 20s. Is the dress code really so strict? Even when you go at in the evenings? No dresses allowed?

Is it true that I have to ask my my employer's permission every time I want to leave Doha? I have friends in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, so would like to fly over on my days off once in a while.



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