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March Get Together at Waham (Doha)

Dear all,

Last night around Protected content turned up to meet other InterNations members; make new friends and business contacts and above all, to have some great fun.
The location was fabulous and Waham bar treated us with great hospitality and impeccable standards as always. David and I were so pleased to see the great turnout and the enthusiasm and friendliness people were showing towards each other last night and this in turn made us extremely happy and excited, to the extent that we had a long discussion on what new heights can we take InterNations Doha to? And we certainly will do so with your help, active participation, and continuous support.
We would like each one of you to be and Ambassador in your immediate society for InterNations, invite your contacts, your friends, your fellow Expatriates and guess what? I really would like you to invite your Qatari friends, we live in Qatar, this country is our host nation, and its people are our employers, sponsors, friends, and business partners and it is is only right that we involve all segments of our society in InterNations.
Last night so many people approached me and David with new ideas and concepts for the following events and I would like to assure you that we were listening to all of your great ideas and we will be looking at ways in which we can incorporate them into our plans. For starters, we are seriously considering a static time and date each month for the monthly event to enable members to plan well ahead of time and to improve our chances of a sizable turnout. We will also look at ice breaker methods and experiment a little bit with how we can improve the dynamics of the events to facilitate smooth, easy introductions, especially for those who are a little shy or find it difficult to approach others.
On a personal note, I loved last night and did not want it to end at 12.30 when it did but it was a school night and we all have to make a living in the morning and bring home the (halal, turkey bacon, lol).
Oh, FYI, I was having a discussion with the InterNations team in Germany and I was saying that our March event will be the largest ever InterNations get together held in Doha and I was told “our events in Berlin attract Protected content and I think I put my foot in it when I said, “wait and see, Doha will be bigger”.

Mark Thomson

Doha Forum