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meaning of being lonley !! (Doha)


- when you wake up in morning and look around you .. to see everything is same .. your bed is one person .. your room is one room .. and your breakfast is just for one person ..

- when you stay more than Protected content in work nobody asking about you .. your phone ringing in common but you don't feel it .. no one close to you ask about you .. ask about you eat or not .. happy or sad ..

- when you stay in street and dont want back home because you will be alone .. when you cover your soul by people in street afraid to back home .

- when you open your home door and look around there is nobody .. what you did in morning is same at night everything in same place .. nothing moved !!

- when you find dust around you everywhere .. on tables on tv on watch everywhere .. and also dust in your heart .. and feeling .. its mean you are alone ..

- when you hold your phone in your hand and dont find any person to talk to him and tell him that you suffer alot its mean you are alone ..

- when all people around you not enough to fill your life and you can stay alone with out them all .. its mean you are alone ..

when you have feeling and softness and you cant exchange it with anybody its mean you are alone ..

- when you stay wake up till morning everyday .. cant sleep . its mean you are alone ..

please dont give me advice ..

this is what i feel .. and this is life around .. i can say .. all around is fake !!

anybody dare ?

Ahmed sayed

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