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Moving By Myself (Doha)


Hello Expats!

I have just recently been offered a position at Sidra Medical Center and am awaiting an official contract. It seems as though most people move with their families, but I would be coming all by myself and frankly I'm a little bit intimidated and terrified.

Does anybody have any advice or words of wisdom? Will I be safe living by myself? From what I've read so far, women are allowed to go out by themselves, drive, etc., unlike the surrounding countries. However, I'm a little worried because I read something about not being allowed to leave the country if your employer doesn't let you. What exactly are the stipulations? If my two year contract is up, can they force me to stay????

Also, I do have two small dogs that I'd like to bring with me. Do you guys notice other people with pets? It doesn't seem to be a dog-friendly country, and I've read a blog that said somebody actually threw rocks at her dog. Do you think I will have trouble finding a pet-friendly apartment?

Please help! Any information is greatly appreciated!

Thank you,

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