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Moving to Doha- need advice please!

Hi all,
I would really appreciate any advice as I have just received a job offer based in Al Rayyan, Doha. I am moving in 4 weeks, but I am a little apprehensive as I've never been to Doha before. I have travelled to other states in the Gulf many time so I'm well aware of the culture etc . I am moving with 2 small children - nursery age.
I was hoping, could you advise on accommodation and nurseries / crèche in the area. My company is not covering the accommodation but are giving me an allowance of q8,000 per month. Salary is approx q347,000 annually - would this be a salary to pay for a good lifestyle in Doha? I would need a 3 bed villa in a compound, pay for schools, car etc. through my research I have found the accommodation is expensive and difficult to find. We are coming from Ireland so I'm wondering if the coat of living would be similar or more expensive in Doha? Thank you very much on advance!

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