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Moving to Doha soon

Hello Everyone!!

I am new to InterNations and also new to Doha! I currently reside in California, and will be moving to Doha in a few months for work. I do not know anyone in Doha and am a little worried about the adjustment considering I will be in Qatar for the next two years. I have a few questions and I would appreciate any help!

I've heard that there are many expats in Doha. How true is this?
Is it easy to meet people and make friends? Are there any local hot spots (baristas, sports clubs, bars, etc.) that expats frequent quite a bit?

I was told that the taxi service in Doha isn't very reliable and therefore it is almost a necessity to buy a car. How affordable are cars in Doha? Will I be ale to purchase a reliable car for about $5,00-$7,00 U.S?

My employers will be be providing me with housing either in Doha or in Al-Wakrah. I will not know for sure until April. I would like it to be in Doha but in case it's in Al-Wakrah...can anyone offer any information about Al-Wakrah. How is it like? How long is the drive from Al-Wakrah to Doha? Any information would be helpful!!

How expensive is Doha? I understand that this question really depends on one's life style. I'm talking about the general necessities such as groceries, internet, cable, cell-phone bill, etc.? How much more expensive are foreign grocery products in Doha? I'm single and do not have any dependents, so how much can I expect to spend on groceries and household necessities every month?

I've heard driving in Doha is very dangerous. If I wanted to hire a full-time driver, how much would that cost me? Is it easy to find a driver?

Thank-you for taking the time to read my questions! Any information will be very helpful. Thank-you once again :-)

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