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New in Doha


Hello All,
I am happy that I join this community. I read a lot and find very useful information.

I will move to work in Doha next month and will appreciate if somebody can answer to a very urgent question I have.

I need to take with me few injections (it is allowed medicine in Qatar) for my knee and I think I have the following options

1. Bring with me from Europe with a plane. In this case do I need some special documents for the customs ih Doha Airport? In EU when I fly I dont have that problem as I dont pass trough the customs on arrival. But what is the case in Qatar? May be I have to take with me also the prescription and the doctors statememt?

2. My wife to send it to me via DHL. In this case I understood that I have to take the package from the Ministry of Health not form DHL. Any information on that?

3. To buy it in Doha. Do I need to go to a local doctor or I can buy with my european prescription? And which medicines are free and which paid in Qatar. The price for 1 injection is Protected content and it is fully covered by my insurance at home. In Doha I understood that for Health card I must have Residence permit. Also I will be insured in AXA but I undertood that I have to wait 9 months before get my money back.

I will appreciate if somebody who experienced such problem or a doctor can give me an advice which option I shall choose.

Thank you in advance

P.S. I have more questions about car rental/buying, housing, places to visit and etc. but the above is the urgent one :)

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