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New physiotherapist help me :) (Doha)

Hello everyone,

I have been offered chance to come and work with Aspetar in Doha and just wondering what you all could tell me?

I currently work in professional football in the UK my salary is 30k + bonuses, I have been asked to come to doha on a salary of 78k, is this a good wage?

The main reason I would want to come is to work for Protected content save a lot of money then come back to England. Is this likely on that wage?

My fiancée is a teaching assistant does anyone know the likelihood of her finding work she speaks English and very good Spanish.

Realistically what should I be asking for from my employer? Has anyone heard about not being allowed to leave the country in the first year? I am part way through a masters in medicine and would need to return periodically to sit exams.

Thanks :)

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