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No shows at events and activities (Doha)

Dear Members of the Doha Community, I would like to bring to your attention our deep concern, Ambassador and Activity Group Consuls with regards to the trend of registering attendance at the various events and activities and not showing up. This kind of behavior is unacceptable to our team. We invest a great amount of personal time and effort to organize events and activities for everyone to enjoy only to be disappointed by so many who do not bother to attend or cancel attendance prior to sending guest lists to hotels and other venues. This causes both personal and professional embarrassment to the organizers and results in loss of credibility, which makes it harder for us to secure venues for future events and activities as hotels lose revenue and spaces they could have filled with paying customers. I would like to ask everyone to honor their commitment when they agree to attend, or at least cancel attendance at least 48 hours prior to events and activities. We had written about this issue before and on several occasions and I am afraid it is now too serious for us to ignore it and we will start black listing people who conduct this kind of behavior and we will not allow them to attend future events or activities. I hope you can understand our position and your cooperation is much appreciated.
Please note: we do not wish to deter you from accepting the invitations or participating in events and activities but do wish you would turn up when your name is on the guest list.
Thank you
Mark Thomson
Doha Ambassador & Activity Group Consuls

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